Alfred Copley // Signes


‘From Delaunay to Klee, from Picasso to Mondrian, to Arp, modern art is produced by the individual human being as an autonomous world eminently worthy of attention, eminently suited also to tap the resources of that inestimable treasure: the mind.
A human truth grafted upon a universal truth – that is what we are all looking for. […] Alcopley is a typical example of this new humanism.’

(Michel Seuphor, Deux peintres américains. Alcopley – Buffie Johnson.
Parijs, Galerie Bing (Rue Faubourg St Honoré), 1956.)


Alfred Copley (Duitsland/VS, 191o-1992)



31 x 21 cm

inkt op papier chamois// Provenance: voormakige collectie Michel Seuphor